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Cremation Funeral


There are currently three crematoria in Dublin

-   Glasnevin
Mount Jerome (Harold's Cross)
Newlands Cross

On your behalf, we will arrange for all the documentation to be completed, signed, and approved before the cremation process takes place.

Each location has chapels where the cremation service takes place. There are three Service types available at a crematorium, the choice of which depends on a family's wishes. They are as follows:-

Committal Service

These funerals have a prior Church Service / Mass before arriving at the crematorium. The Committal Service usually lasts for about 10 - 15 minutes and are normally conducted by a member of the clergy and follow a standard religious format, not dis-similar to what normally takes place at a cemetery burial. The option to play non-religious music is normally available at this type of service.

Full Service Funerals

These funerals do not have a prior Service/Mass at a church before they arrive at the crematorium. The main service takes place at the crematorium and may last a full hour and as a result normally can only take place in the afternoon. These are can be further divided into three different sub- categories-:

  • Full religious Service: where a family bypass using a church and have a full length religious service according to their denomination. 
  • Non-Religious Service:  this a service designed by the family of the deceased and can be conducted by a Civil celebrant or a Humanist celebrant, or by a family representative. Strictly speaking, a Humanist Funeral does not have any religious element within the ceremony. 
  • Hybrid Service This is a combination of the above where the family may wish a short religious content coupled with their own designs of music, speeches, poems or words of remembrance. This can be defined as a Civil Funeral.

Non Service Funerals

These are funerals that have no service at the crematorium. They in effect by-pass all chapels and are brought straight to the cremator building for cremation.

We have an extensive list of humanist and civil celebrants that can facilitate, guide, and assist with the ceremony, as required.

Assistance in the selection of a final resting place for the ashes is outlined in our Post Funeral Section.

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