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Funeral Costs

Once we have agreed the funeral arrangements with a family we will provide a written confirmation of the instructions received and a detailed estimate of the funeral costs. Costs include those for our services and those that we will pay out to other parties (such as cemeteries, crematoria, newspapers and florists) on the family's behalf.

We ask that these third part costs (or disbursements) are paid to us at the time of arranging the funeral, while the final account balance is issued within two weeks. Payment is requested as soon as the family is in a position to settle the account, normally within 30 days.

Fanagan Costs

These costs are dictated by the individual family requirements and can vary from €2,500 to €8,475 and upwards.  

The Funeral Directors charges relate to:

  • Coffin selected Cert form
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death to our preparation room
  • Embalming
  • Removal of the deceased to the place of repose
  • Transportation requirements for the public removal to church or other funeral venue
  • Fanagans professional fees for the co-ordination and arrangement of all aspects of the funeral

Third Party Costs

These are costs paid out by Fanagans to third parties at the time of the funeral.  They include:

  • Grave Purchase; from €1,400 to €9,000 and upwards
  • Grave opening; from €850 to €1,200 (some County Councils charge a registration fee of between €360 - €400 in addition to the opening fee)
  • Cremation Fees; from €525
  • Newspaper Announcements; from €300
  • Fresh flowers; from €65
  • Organist's fee; from €175
  • Soloist's fee; from €175
  • Offering to Church; from €400.
  • Gratuities; from €100 (at family discretion)               

Thus, monies paid out by Fanagans at the time of the funeral could range from €1,950 to €9,000.

It is company policy to request that the family contribute towards the disbursements as soon as practically possible.

Combining the Fanagans costs and the payments to third parties, the cost of a traditional funeral can range from €3,500 to €8,500.

There is no V.A.T. added to the total funeral account.

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