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Planning Your own funeral in advance

"To me it is the same as making a will. It's a great reassurance just knowing that everything is in order"

"I wanted to have my favourite reading, a hymn I've always loved... I suppose they're small things but they mean a lot to me"

"It gives me Peace of Mind knowing my Funeral Plan is arranged and that I can change my mind any time I want to"

If you have ever had to arrange a funeral after someone has died, you"ll know how difficult it can be. If you haven't, imagine, on what is probably one of the most stressful days of your life, trying to make a series of difficult decisions without having the time to think clearly.

Every day, we see families in this very situation. We hear them ask the same questions: 'Are we doing the right thing?' 'Is this what Dad would have wanted?' 'Are we spending too much?' 'Where will we find the money to pay for this?'

An Advance Funeral Arrangements Plan is a simple and practical way to help the people you love, and have left behind, to lessen their levels of anxiety, stress and financial worry at a very emotional time. It also spares you worry because, like making your will, advanced funeral planning allows you to get on with your life knowing that, whatever happens, your wishes will be carried out by us.

Funeral pre-planning is not something you do or think about every day and you may feel a little nervous even discussing it. However, it is easier than you might imagine.

We can meet you in the comfort of your own home or in one of our offices, to discuss all the options that are available to you, always mindful that it is your Plan, your decisions. Planning your own funeral ensures that all the small things that are important to you are included, precisely to your wishes.

Your Funeral Plan

Once you have determined what you require:

  • We will confirm in writing your chosen funeral arrangements, together with itemised costs.
  • You should advise your next-of-kin, executor and/or solicitor that you have made advanced funeral plans with us, with our contact details.
  • You may lodge funds into an interest-bearing deposit account at your chosen financial institution, advising the Manager that it is for the sole purpose of paying for your funeral expenses.
  • You may wish to contact us once a year to check if any price increases require any additional amount needs to be lodged to your 'funeral account'.

Your Plan is an expression of your wishes. If at any time in the future you are unhappy about any detail of your Plan, we will be happy to make any changes for you, however small. You are also of course free to cancel your Plan at any time.

We promise that the details of your Plan will be carried out, as agreed.

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