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Kirwans Funeral Directors steeped in National History celebrates 100 years

Leading Irish Funeral Directors Kirwans is celebrating 100 years in business setting new standards in funeral care and supports. Kirwans is part of the Fanagan Group, which also includes Carnegies and Nichols Funeral Directors, with a network of 11 funeral homes and services throughout Dublin. The group employs over 100 people.

Kirwans is a business steeped in National history. In May 1941, it sensitively conducted the funerals of the victims of the North Strand Bombings. Eight years later, it also managed the State Funeral of Douglas Hyde, the First President of Ireland.

Compassion, dignity, and dedication to superior customer service and delivery, with a diverse, modern, and caring workforce, are the core values of the group and indeed Kirwans. At Kirwans, going above and beyond to care for bereaved families and providing critical support at such a difficult time has captured the trust of the North Dublin community for a century.

As part of the Fanagan Group, Kirwans are a two-time winner of the National Quality and Excellence Awards. This dedication to excellence drives all our staff as they strive to guide and assist bereaved families through the funeral process while providing essential and often sensitive supports.

“Throughout the century we have grown with our community. Traditions change and various beliefs and religions are constantly evolving. We have also seen new trends such as Gatherings in Funeral Homes rather than Removals into Churches. Cremation is increasing each year and is now on par with burial in Dublin city. However, with all of these changes, the one constant is that families wish to have their loved ones cared for by someone they can trust. We are proud to place care and compassion at the heart of what we do in our community, and we endeavour to continue to do so, maintaining modern service delivery with traditional family led values”, said Séamas Griffin, Managing Director, Kirwans Funeral Directors.

Commenting further, Bryan Murphy, CEO of the Fanagan Group added, “Séamas and the entire Kirwans team provide an exemplary service to communities in North Dublin and beyond, delivering excellence in funeral care every day. They continue a century long tradition of care, empathy, dignity, and support for families who entrust them with the care of their loved ones. The Kirwans brand is synonymous with excellence in funeral care. Its ethos of caring and professional client service will ensure the longevity of the Kirwan brand for many years to come.

Kirwans, part of the Fanagan Group can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year at 01 833 4444 where every call is answered personally by one of its dedicated staff.

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