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The Art of Embalming

We are proud to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary work of our female embalmers at Fanagans Funeral Directors.

In a recent feature in the Irish Independent Marion Power, who leads our incredible team of all-female embalmers, shared her deeply personal journey into embalming. Motivated by the loss of her beloved sister Aderinne at a young age, Marionís determination to fulfil her sisterís dying wish for a woman to embalm her fuelled her journey into this profession.

Marionís resilience and passion led her to become a qualified embalmer, embodying the spirit of dedication and compassion that defines our team. Today, alongside Marion, we have Emma Bainton, Claudie Mahony, and Lorraine Carolan whose unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every person entrusted to our care is treated with dignity and respect.

We are delighted to see their story receiving well-deserved recognition, including interviews on the Ray Díarcy radio show and Ireland AM. Their debut on live TV and radio was a testament to their professionalism and the invaluable service they provide to those in need.

At Fanagans Funeral Directors we are incredibly proud of Marion and her team. Their work is not just a profession but a calling, one that brings comfort and solace to countless families during their time of need.

Below you will find links to their interviews.

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